Average Day

Library Catapult Launchers

This past summer we stayed extremely busy doing all sorts of activities. One place we kept coming back to was our local library.  There was always 2-3 programs each week we wanted to make it for and many more we put on our list of “if we have time.” One of our favorite programs was Lego club. Each club had a certain theme to it. Our favorite one for the summer was catapult launchers. Dad was able to come with us this time, so it made it extra special. Kaitlyn, the children’s director, started by talking about what the theme actually was. For this particular club, she described what launchers were, what they were used for, and who used them. She also talked about different mechanics of a launcher; like how to make objects fly higher or further. She finished up her 5 minute talk by showing a quick you-tube video of someone building a Lego launcher. The kids were then set free to create there very own.

Kaitlyn had a lane roped off up front for the kids to test out there finished catapults. They were given a puff ball to shoot off and mark how far it went. The kids were then able to make changes to their catapults to see if they could make the puff ball go even further.

I absolutely loved the concept and flow of this Lego club. It gave the kids an idea and showed them how it could be accomplished.  It was up to them, however, to recreate the idea however they wanted. All the kids in that room, not just my own, were all smiles.

Happy Learning Everyone!


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