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Bible Unit – Genesis 1 – Clouds

On day 2 of Creation, God created the sky. Before planning out this unit,  I had asked Caleb how he wanted to approach this topic. We made a list of things we could focus on like wind, weather, aerodynamics, clouds…just to name a few. Caleb decided on clouds. Personally, I was pretty excited as well because this was a topic I was also intrigued by. =)

We started out with reading in our bibles, Genesis chapter 1 together.We went back and reread verses 6-8, which focused on day 2. Next, we watched a short you-tube video. The run time was 3.46. The scenery was beautiful. The clouds were sped up as they moved across the screen. It was pretty fascinating to see.

After first reading a few books together, Caleb completed this worksheet from Itsy Bitsy Fun. He colored in the clouds that usually are gray and then labeled 10 different types of clouds. There is also a worksheet available for you to work with only 3 clouds. That may be more fitting for younger kids.

After we read the book Clouds by Erin Edison, Caleb recreated a page out of it. He used cotton balls for his clouds. It was a great hands-on project to help him understand each cloud and which level of the atmosphere they are in.


We then created a cloud in a jar. I originally saw this idea at Playdoh to Plato and then another version in a book called Wild Science Projects About Weather. Take a look at the website for an exact explanation. Noirin provides photos of her adorable 3 year old son doing each step. She also explains  the “science behind it”. Our version was a little different from hers but the general idea is the same.

Next we read the book  Little Cloud by Eric Carle. Xander and Wesley loved hearing this one. The boys then took cotton balls and made there own creations. Afterwards, they laid out in our backyard to see what kind of objects they could find in the clouds.


The last activity Caleb did for this unit was to draw out day 2 (a cloud) and hang it on our “creation” wall in our dining room.



Books we read:

Weather by Eyewitness Books – We only read pages that pertained to clouds. If you have ever read an Eyewitness book before then you know that it is packed full of info. Some of the pages were overwhelming to Caleb but he is a reluctant reader.

Clouds by Gail Saunders-Smith – Caleb read this one with his brothers. It was so cute to see the student become the teacher.

Clouds by Maryellen Gregoire – This book really focused on the different levels in the sky clouds are located in. There is a large picture on one page and a few paragraphs on the next. The little guys enjoyed the photos and the reading wasn’t too overbearing on Caleb.

Exploring Weather by Eyes on Adventure – We again only focused on clouds in this book. It was a great review of everything we had learned so far. Each cloud has its own picture with a short paragraph next to it. The pictures are extremely clear. We were then able to take the book outside and match the clouds we had that day.

Winter of the Ice Wizard by Magic Tree House #32 – There really wasn’t much in this story about clouds, more focused on winter and ice. We always enjoy reading Magic Tree House books, so we didn’t mind that it didn’t really fit the theme 😉

Video we watched:

Weather Fundamentals: Clouds – This was a great video to end with. It slowly described different types of clouds, how they are formed, and some weather basics. It was the perfect wrap-up to our unit.

Weather Fundamentals: Clouds [Grades 4-7] VHS VIDEO

We all really enjoyed this unit. Xander and Wesley joined us on almost everything. It got to the point that you could even ask Xander about different types of clouds and he could tell you. Looking forward to moving on to Day 3; land forms, plants, and oceans.

Happy Learning Everyone!


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