Average Day

Oh A Hiking We Shall Go

My little sister has moved away to Minnesota to purse her dream of becoming a missionary. I am so proud of her for what she is doing and who she is becoming. Selfishly though, it does make me a little sad. My best friend is now 5 hours away!! And in a short year, she will be a whole continent and ocean away!! Whenever she has a break at school, I am so grateful that she is able to come home. One of our favorite things to is to go hiking. We are fortunate to live in a part of Wisconsin where multiple, beautiful, hiking trails are within minutes of us. This particular hiking trip was made even more special, because our Mom joined us. It was so awesome being outdoors with my boys, sister, and Mom. There was a lot of talking, singing, and laughing going on. With the boys getting older now, we were able to pick a longer trail than what we normally do. This particular one was over 3 miles. We stopped half way to have lunch and rest for a bit. The boys did great; hardly any complaining.

It’s days and moments like this that overflows my heart and rejuvenates my soul. Love you Mom and Munchkin, more than you will ever know!!


Happy Learning Everyone!


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