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A Little Make-up

As many of you know, I like to schedule our school year way in advance…like a year in advance. Now it all looks great on paper but when school weeks actually come up…well, life happens and we don’t always get to “school” as planned.  It has worked better for us to take full weeks off during the year instead of sporadic days. It really helps with catching up on days that we had missed. Today was one of those make-up days. We ended up doing an entire day but our schedule looked a bit different. Here is what we did:

Caleb started his day off with his bible lesson. We are learning about Creation Day 3; focusing mainly on land forms for now. He had finished reading module 6 out of Apologia General Science. It was all about the foundations of geology. He spent his lesson working on the study guide that’s at the end of the module. IMG_0532

Caleb than jumped into American History by finishing a book on the Boston Tea Party. Next, we pretended that we were reporters from the Boston Gazette on assignment the night of the tea party. We went around the house documenting things we saw and heard on December 16, 1773. Caleb then drew a political cartoon from the colonist’s point of view which is going to run front page of the Gazette.


Caleb ended his day with his Africa lesson. We just finished learning about the Congo rain forest, so Caleb is now writing a report about it. Today, he made his outline, wrote out his first draft on paper, checked it himself and then typed up the second draft.

While Caleb was working on his own, I sat down with the little guys. We started with our usual going through our calendar. We use this to talk/sing about days of the week, months, counting, weather, seasons, and emotions.


We then use the book Do You Know Colors? by Katherine Howard to play a color game. As we turn the pages of the book, Xander and Wesley need to bring me something in the house that has that color. It has turned into a fast running game for them.

Next, Xander is learning how to fold a blanket (I’m using a pillowcase for now) and Wes is working on pants. They took some time to practice those skills.

After working on our practical skills for a bit. We settled back down to read a book on mountains. We are currently learning about land forms and I printed off some great 3-part cards at Montessori Print Shop. The boys worked on matching just the pictures today and saying each of the words out loud.

Next, each kiddo grabbed something from our sensory section. Xander is now able to match up all of his shapes and say the correct names. He loves to spread them all out across the living room floor. Wesley pulled out the cylinder knobs (we were given a mini set as a gift). He is working on doing 3 of them at a time.

I finish up the little guys school day at the table with some math and English. Both boys are working at different paces through the primer book of Math-U-See. In English, Wes is in Abeka K-4 and Xander is Abeka K-5. They both really enjoy math, mainly because of the blocks. In English, Xander is at the point where he is starting to sound out and read different words on his own. I feel like as a mom, beginning to read is one of the huge milestones, like first walking. I am just so grateful, that I am the one who is able to experience this with him.


So that was our make-up day. We have next week scheduled off as well because of Xander’s birthday. I am sure we will have at least one more make-up day before we truly get back into the full swing.

Happy Learning Everyone!!


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