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Sort-of Full Day Back

Today was our first day back into a full school day after taking 3 weeks off. Unfortunately, we weren’t all able to start up like planned. I think Xander is on the verge of getting an ear infection and was really out of sorts today. He spent most of his day vegged out on the couch or doing puzzles with Wesley. I fins it a little funny that we’ve had almost a full month where people could get sick. Nope, let’s wait till its our first day back. =) Oh well, we shall “catch up” another day. Got to love the flexibility of homeschooling!! Even though I didn’t do any “schooling” with the little guys today, I’m thankful Caleb was able to. This is what we did:

Math: Caleb is currently on Lesson 7 in the Zeta book of Math-U-See. He is starting to learn about the metric system and how to convert between kilo, centi, and deci. Right now it’s pretty easy stuff, so he was able to zip through it.

English: We are officially in 7th grade!! AHH! Yep, Caleb started lesson 1 of the green book (7th grade) in Learning Language Arts Through Literature. His literature passage for this lesson was from Black Beauty. He had to write a paragraph from dictation. He actually did it with no complaints (Gasp!). And he did it fairly well, considering it was a bit more complicated than ones we have done in the past. He did have a few spelling errors, however, so we are adding those to this weeks spelling list.

Bible: We are currently working on Day 3 of creation; mainly focusing on land forms. Caleb finished reading the book Land forms by Brian Knapp. Oh boy, that was a tough one for him to get through. There is a TON of information and it is a bit dry. Caleb didn’t really care for it overall. He then started reading Lesson 5 out of Apologia Astronomy. This unit is all about planet Earth. The lesson starts with a discussion on mass and matter using a baseball and tennis ball. During Caleb’s lunch break, he pulled out his scale from his physics stuff and played around a bit measuring the mass of different objects. He created a contest for Xander and Wesley to see who could guess the closest without going over. If guessed correctly, they won a high five!


American History: We are finishing up our Boston Massacre unit by reading the novel The Fifth of March by Ann Rinaldi. This has been an AMAZING book. The Boston Massacre is told from the perspective of John Adam’s nursemaid, Rachel. It is so neat to see how fiction and non-fiction are woven together.

Science: We just started reading the novel Travels with Gannon and Wyatt:The Great Bear Rainforest to wrap up our rainforest unit. We just started this one but it has been very interesting so far. Two twin brothers are telling the story through journal entries about there family adventure to The Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. It’s been a different approach to writing a novel that we haven’t experienced yet. Caleb is enjoying it so far.

So that was Caleb’s day in a nutshell. Today was really heavy on the reading end. Some days just work out that way. I made a comment to Caleb about it and he said that he did not even notice. Now this kid used to HATE reading anything, so for him to make a statement like that is a pretty awesome.

Well, we are hoping essential oils are helping Xander out and he feels better tomorrow. We’ve got several activities going on in our community that we surely don’t want to miss out on.


Happy Learning Everyone!



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