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Wisconsin Road Trip

Every year, we are fortunate to take time off and go on a road trip. We live in the wonderful state of Wisconsin and in the last 5 years or so, we can’t seem to take our trip out of the state. There is so much to see and do around here! This year we decided to keep our main stay in Green Bay and then take time to tour Door County or the Peninsula of Wisconsin.


Our first stop was Wisconsin Dells, the “water park capital of the world!” Besides hitting up Noah’s Ark Water Park, we took a ride on the Original Wisconsin Ducks. The ducks are amphibious trucks that were once heavily used in World War 2. They have now been taking tourists through the scenic Wisconsin River for over 70 years now. The boys favorite part was when we rushed from land into the water. Personally, I loved the scenery.

Next, we took in a Tommy Bartlett Show. This show has it all: a ski show, acrobats, jugglers, magician, and a light show. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the motorcycle tricks because it started raining. Overall, it was extremely entertaining!

Montello, WI was our next destination where we saw a large granite quarry that has been filled up with water. It offered a beautiful waterfall and park.

On to Ripon, WI and the birthplace of the Republican party. We toured the small museum, which was once a one-room school house. They had a lot of old artifacts and plenty of reading material. We hung out there much longer than we anticipated.

We spent one entire day touring Door County. From Green Bay, it takes about 2 hours to drive up one side of the peninsula to the tip and another 2 hours taking the other side down. Unfortunately, it was very windy and chilly that day, so we didn’t do any swimming. We did, however, make lots of stops to take pictures, hike, play at some parks, mini-golf and go-cart, and at least dip our toes in Lake Michigan.


Since most of our day before was in and out of the car with A LOT of hiking. We decided to stay close to Green Bay and “relax”. We couldn’t think of a better way to do that then go to Bay Beach Amusement Park. This is a county park that is fulled with permanent carnival rides. The tickets are crazy cheap! Our family of 5 was able to spend the ENTIRE day, eat lunch, and all go on rides for only $30.

Now you can’t take a trip to Green Bay and not make it to Lambeau Field, home to the Green Bay Packers. My husband is a HUGE fan so he was pretty excited about this stop. We had toured the stadium several years ago, so this time we focused on the Hall of Fame. It was recently remodeled and it showed. Each exhibit was put together extremely well. I, personally, don’t care much for football  but I really did enjoy this tour.

So after 5 days of sight seeing, hiking, and a lot of swimming, it was time to head home. Instead of driving straight through we decided to make a few stops at locations we found on Roadside America. This website is your “online guide to offbeat tourist attractions.”  We found a metal T-Rex and his pet, a man and a snowblower, an oversized cow named Annabelle, and drove through the UFO capital city of the world.

It is nice now that the boys are getting older, we can do so much more than we had in years past. I cherish our road trips and the time we get to spend exploring as a family. It was great getting home though and sleeping in my own bed. However, I could do without the mountainous size of laundry we ended up with =)

Happy Learning Everyone!!


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