Average Day

Art in the Park

Our homeschool co-op group decided to start something new this summer called, Art in the Park. Once a month, over the summer, we are getting together at different park locations and learning about a new artist or artistic technique. The kids then have an opportunity to recreate some of the famous artist’s work before being set free to play in the playground. Our last month’s outing was a huge success! Becca, was the mom in charge. She choose to teach on the artist, Jackson Pollock. We had over 10 different families show up for the event. We invited all the kids, preschool and up, to sit down at the picnic tables in the pavilion. Becca first read the book Jackson Pollock (Getting to know the World’s Greatest Artists) .

She did a quick review to see what they retained from the reading. Then we sent the kids out to the grass. We gave each child a canvas, paint (blue, yellow, and red) and an array of objects to paint with. We mainly used toothbrushes, combs, straws, and yarn. Becca told the kids to paint how they think Jackson Pollock would.


It was fun to see how different everyone’s creations were. The boys really had a blast with this.

Happy Learning Everyone!!


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