Average Day

Roller Skating Amusement

The beginning of June, the boys and I had the opportunity to go roller skating with several fellow homeschoolers. I was quite nervous about going because I haven’t put on skates since I was in elementary school. Let’s just say it was a great workout not only from skating but from the laughing as well.

When we first arrived, I got normal skates for everyone. Caleb found out they offered roller blades, so he quickly switched to those. Xander was able to stand on his own after a few attempts. Poor Wes, however, let’s just say we should of put padding on that kiddos bottom. I was surprised with myself how well I was able to stand…on carpet that is…


First time out on the actual rink was a disaster. A hilarious disaster. I am so thankful no one took pictures of us. Xander was doing great with his skates until he hit the rink. He was not prepared for how much slicker it is. Caleb was awesome because he took Xander’s hand and they moved very slowly around the rink. I was also unprepared for the slicknessĀ  of the rink. I was already practically holding Wesley up because he could not figure out how to keep his skates underneath him. So once we made it on the rink…AHHH…well, I am thankful I did not squish my child when we both went down. This sweet 8 year old boy helped us up and told me to take it slow and hold onto the railing. Then he zoomed away (yes, that crushed my already small ego).

Rollerskates in the Roller Disco stock photo (photo courtesy of Istock. by Getty Images)

So Wes and I started to take it slow, each holding onto the railing, barely staying vertical. It wasn’t until we made it half way that I realized, OH MY GOSH, the railing ends and it’s just a WALL!! Looking back on it now I do not know how Wes and I made it around the other half. I was extremely tempted to stop and just crawl off the rink, but we didn’t. It took us well over 30 minutes to make it around the rink ONCE. I was a huge pile of sweat and Wes, even though he was falling a lot, was still giggling and loving every moment. When we finally made it back to the table where our friends were, they let me know of this glorious thing called KID skates. They are the ones that just attach to your child’s shoe. I can still hear the choir angels singing! We quickly swapped out Wesley’s skates and eventually Xander’s as well.


We also found out that the kids can use a device that looks a lot like a walker to help them around the rink. So now the kids where armed with all the assistance they needed to make it safely around the rink on there own. Caleb would zoom around several times and then stop to go once with his brothers. Xander was always tagging along with Caleb or one of the older boys. Wes finally had the confidence he needed to march around the rink. He still couldn’t figure out how to skate so he would just walk. You could hear his plastic skates clapping the floor a mile away.

We had such a GREAT time and I highly recommend making it out to skate rink if you can. When we go again, maybe I’ll be brave enough to venture out there again…or I’ll just sit and happily watch the joy on my kids faces =)

Happy Learning Everyone!!


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