Average Day

Conquering the Sprinkler

Do you have any fears? Fears that stop you in your tracks or even go as far as crippling you. Do you ever watch from the sidelines frozen with terror unable to join in on the fun that life has to offer? I know that I do. I have several actually. Just recently my 3 year old taught me a lesson about those anxieties.  Little Wes, has always been scared of water. He absolutely HATED it when it would hit his head or face. Whenever we would have the sprinkler on in the backyard, he would stand far enough away where the water would only hit his feet. He would keep his fingers in his mouth, move forward an inch thinking he should go in, but then shy away.


Wes would just stand there and watch as his brother runs, skips, and jumps through the water. Xander always wants to see how high he can jump over it, or fast he could go through it, smiling and laughing the entire time. Still, Wes would just stand on the sideline and watch.

This particular day, however, Wes did something amazing. He took a deep breath and he ran towards his fear. He ran through the sprinkler once, then twice, then three times… he just kept going. He didn’t seem to be enjoying himself yet he just kept running. Finally, he came over to me with an enormous smile on his face, exclaiming how he did it. Oh my, he was so proud of himself. Now he is constantly asking to go outside to play in the water.

My little 3 year old reminded me that life can be extremely scary. But there are times when we need to look at our fear, take a deep breathe, and just run to it. You might be surprised by how much fun is waiting for you on the other side. If Wes can conquer his fear of the sprinkler, I bet there are several fears we all can overcome.

Happy Learning Everyone!


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