Introduction to Botany

I wanted to give the little guys a quick introduction to botany, especially now that our garden has really begun to grow. Here is the unit we did together. Besides diving into seeds a little, I kept this unit pretty basic.

Our first activity I got from Jennifer at SugarSpiceandGlitter. I highly recommend checking out her page because she offers a lot of great ideas, along with some super cute photos. It’s a very straight forward activity; flower arranging. I laid out several different types of fake flowers (I recommend using real ones if you have some on hand) on the tray. We talked about how flowers need to have water, so we filled the vase with that first. They each took turns making there own arrangement. Wes hung out with this for a while.

Next, I had traced the boys botany puzzles onto white paper. We started with the seed puzzle. They practiced taking the pieces out, lining them up on the paper, and then putting it back together again.

After working through just the puzzle itself, we did a 3 period lesson working with the 3-part Seed Cards that I printed off from Montessori Print Shop. The puzzle was extremely helpful with this as well.

We followed this up with a seed dissection from Buggy and Buddy. She has a worksheet that you can print off if your kiddos are a little older. The boys loved being able to take what they had learned from the 3-part cards and puzzle and then seeing it in real life. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any photos of this activity but Buggy and Buddy has great ones.

Next, we moved onto the tree botany puzzle. Again, I had traced it onto white paper first.

Then they worked on the leaf puzzle.


Lastly, the boys did the flower puzzle. I plan on doing deeper lessons with trees, leaves, and flowers later on, so that’s why I only introduced these puzzles to them.




Here are the books we read for this unit:

Plant Cycle by Ray James – This was short and sweet. Only a few sentences per page with large, bright photos. There are bolded vocabulary words you could use to “quiz” older students with.

A Seed Grows by Amela Hickman & Heather Collin – This was a fun book to read with the boys. It offered great visuals of the plant life cycle starting with a seed. It had pages that would flap open (Xander LOVED this) and look and find on most of the pages. We read this one several times.

All About Seeds by Claire Throp – Very short read but the pictures were big and bright. The photos offered good launching pads into deeper conversations.

Trees by 21st Century Junior Library – Very short and easy read. Pictures are large and bright and offer a great stepping stone to a deeper conversation.

Flowers by Little Hands – Unfortunately, I could not find it on amazon to provide you an image of it. We borrowed it from our local library. Xander loved all the large, bright photos of the flowers and there are only a few sentences on each page.

All about Flowers by Claire Throp – We have been enjoying books lately from this author. Just like the seed book, it was short and sweet and the pictures are great. It lead us to taking a hike and hunting down new flowers.

Next on our agenda is learning about summer!!

Happy Learning Everyone!


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