Bible Unit – Genesis 1:1- Light

So I’ve been kicking around this crazy idea lately of doing a HUGE unit study through the entire bible. I personally have never read through the entire bible but it’s been something I’ve always wanted to do. I also thought this would be a great topic all the boys could do together.  It will probably take us a while…yes, I know for sure it’s going to take us a while but we are in no hurry to complete this. We are starting right at the beginning with God created Light. Here is what we did in this unit:

We began by reading the entire Creation story (Genesis 1:1-Genesis 2:24). We went back and reread about the first day (Genesis 1:1-5).

Our first activity came from My Little Sonbeam. We took black construction paper and held it up to the window. No light came through and it was dark. Then we cut a few squares out and glued on white tissue paper. Xander was more than happy to rip apart the tissue for us. We held it up to the window again and saw how the light was able to shine through.

Next, we made a spectroscope following directions from Buggy and Buddy. Of course, we needed to paint them first. When cutting the tube for Xander, I went too hard and broke it (opps!). Thankfully, Caleb’s turned out and we were able to share it.

Then Caleb learned how to make a magnify glass. Extremely easy and straight-forward instructions can be found at Science Sparks. I didn’t tell Caleb what he was making when he started this experiment. At the end he put his disc and water over a book and saw that the words actually got bigger. His face lit up when I told him, “looks like you just made a magnify glass.” He then pulled out his real magnify glasses (yes, we have several) and started to doing experiments with all of them.


Next Caleb did a light lapbook from Homeschool Helper Online. The instructions for this lapbook are amazing. It was so easy to follow and there is a TON of information given. Caleb learned alot from this.


Then, Caleb went through the ScienceWiz Light Experiment Kit with Xander. They worked slowly through each experiment while Caleb read and explained why things were happening. There was a lot of laughing and giggling going on, so you know they were having a great time.



We ended this unit with Caleb drawing a picture of Day 1 and hung it on a wall in our school room a.k.a dining room.


Books we read:

Day Light, Night Light by Franklyn M. Branley  – this book was an excellent introduction to light and shadows. I read it once and then the little guys liked it so much Caleb read it two more times to them.

What Makes A Shadow? by Clyde Robert Bulla – This was a very easy read but did a good job explaining shadows. There were a few “experiments” that we were all able to do from it.

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 – We read about the eyesight that is in an octopus and compared that to human eyes. It was only a page or so long but Caleb found it very fascinating.

The Magic School Bus Gets A Bright Idea by Scholastic – We are fans of this series and as always it did not disappoint. We were even able to reference back to this book to help Caleb better understand concepts we were reading about in the Apologia Chemistry/Physics book.

Shadows by Carolyn B. Otto – Caleb read this to Xander. It offers a couple of very simple experiments that you can do, like making shadow figures on walls and showing how shadow sizes change and why.

What Is a Shadow? by Science Starters – This was another book Caleb read to his brothers. There were several experiments we were able to do. It was fun to watch Caleb be the leader through it all. The boys favorite was tracing our shadows with chalk on the sidewalk in the morning, noon, and at night. The little guys loved how it changed.

Apologia: Chemistry/Physics Book – We are HUGE fans of Apologia books and the lesson for light was great. The concepts were written in a way that it was very easy for Caleb to understand and retain. They had hand’s on projects or experiments on almost every page.

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

The Nighttime Cabin Thief by Summer Camp Science Mysteries – This is a graphic novel which Caleb LOVES.It’s a story of campers trying to find out who is stealing valuable objects. It highlights all of the light rules we just learned about.

The video we watched for this unit was:

Bill Nye The Science Guy, Light Optics. – We are huge fans of all of his videos and true to form this DVD did not disappoint. It is only 23 minutes and Caleb really liked that some of the experiments Bill did to explain something was an experiment we had already done.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Light Optics Classroom Edition [Interactive DVD]

Next up is Day 2 of Creation. We are going to focus on clouds.

Happy Learning everyone!!



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