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Dating My Children

Lately, I have been hearing so much talk about how important it is to date your spouse. I agree with this full heartily. I also think it’s important to date your children too. For me, majority of my time is spent with all 3 of my boys together. I am extremely grateful that we are able to grow a strong bond together but I also believe it’s important to grow a bond individually. Dating our boys also makes them feel extremely important and special. I want them to know how much we cherish and appreciate them individually not just as a collected group. The goal in our family is once a month both my husband and I (separately) will spend quality time with one kiddo. Each child has a different month. For instance, last month was Caleb, this month is Xander, July will be Wesley, and then we start over again with Caleb in August. I wish I could tell you that it works out perfectly each month but let’s be real…it doesn’t. The point is that we try even when life gets busy. There are so many different things you can do with your children and they don’t necessarily have to be where you spend money. Here are a few examples of things we have done:

  • picnic at park
  • miniature golfing
  • play board games at local coffee/ice cream shop
  • baseball game (really any sporting event is good)
  • ice skating
  • bowling
  • walk around neighborhood
  • riding bikes
  • Sledding
  • roller skating
  • movie
  • dinner at favorite restaurant
  • park hopping (visit 2-3 different parks all in a row)
  • Amusement park (Hubby gets sick on rides, so this is usually a date day for me)

May was Caleb’s month, so one day I took him to see the Milwaukee Ballet perform Alice in Wonderland. It was AMAZING! I first took him to the ballet last year; not sure if he would like it. He was blown away how well a story could be told just through music and dance. It is now an annual event for us. My husband, Justin, took a morning and went golfing with Caleb. They had a great time and is was so fun to hear the stories Caleb told his dad.

This month is Xander’s turn and unfortunately June is always crazy, busy month for us. I decided to throw our date in with a few errands. So last week Xander and I went grocery shopping and then I took him out for lunch at Subway (current favorite restaurant). As you can see that was nothing too extraordinary but Xander told me how he loves our dates.


It’s not the quantity of these dates with the boys but the quality. When it’s there turn, electronics come off and they will have our undivided attention. It is such a joy to get these one-on-one moments with them.

Happy Learning!!


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