Average Day

Bowling For Gym Class

Looking back at our past 2 weeks or so, we have been doing a lot of “half” days for school. But you know what…we can =)  It’s one of many, many reasons I love homeschooling. Our co-op group had planned a bowling party in the afternoon and the boys definitely did NOT want to miss out on that. Caleb did Math and English  before we headed out. Currently in his Math-U-See lesson, he is working on how to solve the area and circumference of a circle. He actually caught on quite quickly with this. For his Learning Language Arts Through Literature lesson, he currently is reading the book, Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard. I’m pushing my reluctant reader hard by giving him only ONE week to finish the entire book. He was not happy with me at all when I first told him this. Thankfully, it has been a story that he is enjoying so the reading is coming easier for him.  Xander spent his morning dressing-up and playing outside with the kitchen set. Wesley kept bouncing around to different activities but spent most of his time with his puzzles.

After lunch, we closed our school books and headed out to join our friends for what we call, Physical Education. This was the first time either Xander or Wesley had been bowling. They loved it!! But come on… what is there not to love with rolling a big ball down a long road (as Xander called it) to hit sticks (as Wesley called them). As soon as we got there Caleb meet up with his friends and went to bowl with them. The little guys and I joined some of the other moms with younger kiddos. It was so much fun to relax, chit-chat and watch the kids really enjoying themselves. I don’t mind taking half days when they look like this.

Happy Learning Everyone!


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