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Yummy Fluffy Pancakes

Ever since I started my diet…life-style change a few months back, we all have been eating much healthier. Once a week, however, we still enjoy some amazingly, light and fluffy pancakes. I found this recipe on several years ago. Patty says in her title that this is the best recipe ever for pancakes and she is not kidding. I have tried MILLIONS of different recipes and I keep coming back to this one. So much so, I even have it memorized. Personally, I think the secret is in the waiting. Wait; 10-15 minutes in the beginning to let your buttermilk set and then after everything is mixed together, wait another 5-10 minutes to let your batter rise. It seriously works!!

This morning I was fortunate enough to have a helper. Xander is my morning bird but rarely joins me in the kitchen. Today was a different story because he did EVERYTHING. He measured and mixed the batter. He put the pancakes on the griddle and even flipped them. It was the first time he did this and was thrilled.

I laid out the plates, silverware and condiments on the counter and Xander set the table.



 He was pretty proud of all that he did this morning.



They were extremely YUMMY and he thoroughly enjoyed eating his creations.



Happy Learning Everyone!


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