Average Day

Half a Day = Full day

I am just going to start off by saying I am really TIRED of cold and snow!! Again, I woke up this morning to flurries coming down. Normally, I LOVE winter and everything that comes with it but come on it’s APRIL!! Ok.. sorry rant over 😉

We are part of a homeschool co-op that meets twice a month and this morning was one of those days. Co-ops come in many different shapes and sizes. I was fortunate to stumble across ours 4 years ago right when we started homeschooling. It was exactly what we needed at the time. It gave Caleb the safe socialization that he needed and it offered me an outlet to talk and learn from other homeschooling moms. The boys have class from 9-11:30. It is parent-led, so I teach the pre-k/Kin class as well. On these days when we get home, Wes is usually wiped out and takes a nice long nap. Caleb works through his math and language arts and Xander gets to do basically what he wants. Most of the time that entails some sort of monster truck war or a battle with the Skylander Giants figurines. Here is a wrap-up of what the boys did:

Caleb is working through lesson 25 in Epsilon Math U See. We have now cut out any busy work that he might have with math. So if he fully understands the problem, we are moving on right away. Before, we were both getting frustrated with how long it was taking him to work through problems. I was complaining talking to my husband about it one day and he causally says, “if Caleb gets it why are you making him do the same types of problems over and over again…” Basically, he was saying why make Caleb do the busy work when he is understanding the concept. I tend to forget at times that Caleb does NOT learn the same way I do, and I need to adjust my teaching approach to him. BIG thanks to the hubs for “showing me the light”….again 😉

In language arts, Caleb is in the midst of writing a short essay on what he would want to have with him if he was deserted on an island and why. He is saying he wants to have food, an RV, and U.S. Cellular Wifi satellite phone with him. His reasoning is pretty funny but also makes perfect sense. Got to love a 12 year boys mind at times.

Xander wanted to be at the table with us today, so we started with his next language arts lesson in Abeka. He reviewed all of the letters and sounds he knows so far and the blends. He also practiced writing his upper and lower case N’s. When finished with that, he completed another lesson in Primer Math U See. He is working on adding the number 1 to different numbers and memorizing the addition fact, 2+2=4. When done with his table work, he pulled out some of his Montessori shapes and played with them for a while. He has most of the names of shapes memorized but still enjoys working through them.

So even though we only did school at home for half a day today, it still turned out to be a full day of learning.

Happy Learning Everyone!!



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