Yes, technically I am a tad late on doing this lesson with the two little guys but hey I live in Wisconsin. Our winter usually continues well into April. Plus, as I am typing this we are experiencing a blizzard outside LOL. Unfortunately, the dollar store (favorite place to get school supplies) does not agree with my winter theme. I wanted to do pouring, tweezers, and transferring practice using snowflakes but they were no where to be found. I improvised mainly with dry beans, but hopefully you’ll get the idea =)

Our first activity was to practice using a spoon to transfer dry beans from two different bowls. Xander kept wanting to use his fingers because it would help him go faster. This kid only knows one pace.


Next we practiced using large tongs to build snowman with marshmallows. It took Wes several attempts to hang on to the marshmallow. I LOVE his facial expression when he finally got it.

I found an art project at Playing House in Maryland, that we had fun with. Stephanie actually had a couple of really great ideas. Unfortunately, we only got around to doing this one. All we did was take toilet paper rolls, dip them in some paint and then stamp the paper. I had showed them the snowmen image to begin with but they had other ideas in mind. I let them use pom-poms and googly eyes which I thought would be great for buttons and eyes. They just kept gluing stuff everywhere. It was so funny. By the time they were finished they looked like cheer-leading, million-eyed monsters.

The next project was to make snowman by spelling out there names. I wrote the letters and face ahead of time but the boys did the rest.

We still have been getting quite a bit of snow up here so of course we had to build a snowman. Caleb helped out with this one.


Here are the books we read in the unit:

Seasons by Lisa Trumbauer – We got this from our library but was unable to find on Amazon. It offers a great basic overview of what the 4 seasons are.

Season to Season (Nature’s Patterns) by Anita Ganeri  – This book really emphasizes patterns which Xander (my math maniac) LOVED. Pictures were very clear and beautiful. It is a very easy read.

Winter by Cynthia Amoroso and Robert B. Noyed – The pictures are AMAZING in this book. There are some breathtaking views of trees with snow on them. Those were a personal favorite of mine. The boys liked the one with the snowman.

Exploring Winter by Terri DeGelle –  Very simple read. It briefly goes over the tilting and rotating of the Earth in relationship to the sun. Only a few sentences per page and the pictures are large and clear.

What Happens in Winter? by Sara Latta – The boys liked the fun pictures. It is very short and to the point.

How Do You Know It’s Winter? by Allan Fowler – This is a GREAT simple read.

Again, I know I was “late” on doing this unit but it is so hard to think spring when it is still so cold and snowing. Next up on our list is introduction to Botany and then maybe it will be warm enough to start a spring unit. 😉

Happy Learning Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Building a snowman with marshmallows is such an interesting extension for a pincher transfer work! I love it!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog at!


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