Average Day

Another Day In and Day Out

I can not believe Spring is here. That means we are almost 4 months into the year already!! What?!! Can I just freeze time for a bit? I feel like it is zooming by too quickly lately. We aren’t even doing anything extraordinary…just the normal day in, day out stuff.

Today, we started with our normal routine; math first with Caleb. Mr. C has never been a fast worker. Personally, I struggle a lot with when to push him and when not too. I give him an hour to complete math and today he had to take a test. Most tests in Math U See Delta average 20 problems. Sometimes he can complete them all in the time allotted but lately he can’t. It’s really been hitting his self-esteem and I mean to the point he was calling himself slow and stupid. When that happens, I know I have to rethink my approach. Instead of having him complete all 20 problems, today, I had him do 1 problem from each section. He was able to complete all 6 in about 25 minutes and got 100%. He clearly knows what he is doing but it just takes him a while to work thru the problems. They are all multiple steps now, so I know that he won’t be solving them 1, 2, 3. What I am fighting in my mind is even though he knows how to solve the problem, do I push him to work through them faster or do I say he gets it; lets just move on. Last few weeks I was pushing him to work faster and that lead up to the negative comments. This week I’m trying the approach of he gets it so lets move on. I would LOVE to know the approach you take with your kids?

Next, we moved on to spelling. Abeka has about 15 spelling words and 7 vocabulary words to know per list. Caleb already has all his spelling words and most of his vocabulary down for List 3. Today, he practiced putting the correct vocabulary words within the sentence. This spelling program also has you do poetry with it. Tomorrow, he has to write the poem “Chartless” by Emily Dickinson by memory, so he practiced that today. Besides putting a few commas in the wrong places, he did GREAT.

Penmanship had him writing 2 different quotes as part of a test. He’s slanting was extremely improved from last week but is still writing large overall.

In Language Arts, we reviewed the rules of commas and then Caleb had to finish his conclusion paragraph and write the bibliography for his library research report. Tomorrow we will check it one last time and then he can type out his final draft. I HATE research reports. so I will be extremely happy to be done with this unit. 😉

In Reading, we reviewed his vocabulary words and he began reading Puss in Boots. Xander and Wesley were getting awfully loud and crazy at this point, which was very distracting to Caleb. Thankfully, it was sunny and in the 40’s today so I could shoo them outdoors. I do love winter time but being able to get those kids outside when they start flying with that wonderful boyish energy….sigh….it’s a HUGE blessing.

After lunch, we all sat at the table and worked on American History. Xander and Wesley colored while Caleb and I finished reading Moby Dick. He liked parts of the book but overall was not a fan. This was the last thing we did in our oceans unit and I have included a link to what we did. I am excited to move onto the French and Indian War and eventually the American Revolution. I’ve found some great ideas and am really getting anxious to start working through them =)

Xander and Wesley did not do any “school” today. They were very busy building with Thomas the Train tracks, racing monster trucks, or running around outside.  Wesley has also been OBSESSED with this puzzle he got at Christmas.

The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles Giant ABC & 123 Train Floor Puzzle

I am not over exaggerating in saying he spends HOURS a day working with them. Over and over again, he puts them together and then tears them apart. It’s been an awesome way to work on his numbers and alphabet without him even knowing it. =)

Highlight of our day had to of been the Nerf Gun battle the boys had in the living room. Wesley may be small but oh boy is he sneaky. He got his big brother good. I just love how excited Wes looks as Caleb surrenders. Hahaha too fun!!


I hope you all had an AMAZING Monday and it continues on throughout the week!

Happy Learning!!




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