Average Day

And That’s A Wrap

I hope all is going well with everyone! We had a rough week again last week. Mainly because Wes was sick A.G.A.I.N. This meant TWO doctor visits in one week. We also had new carpet put into our living room. I didn’t realize how much furniture we had in there until we had to find places for everything in other spots of the house. I don’t have a clean house by any means but I do like to have some sort of order. Needless to say, we didn’t have much of that last week. HAHA. Anyways, with all that going on we did manage to get some school in. So here is a peak into one of those days (please don’t mind the pajamas. We have been having a lot of jammie days lately) :

Caleb started his morning doing the usual, MATH. He has been flying through Math U See Delta but this particular lesson (adding and subtracting mixed numbers) slowed him down a little. He knows what he is doing. However, it takes him some time to work through each problem.  I could have probably pushed him onto the next lesson but I wanted to have him practice more. My hope was to help get his speed up. He retook the same test as last week and the extra practice did work. He finished the entire test this time and only got 1 wrong.

After math, he moved into Abeka 7th grade Spelling. We just recently moved him up to the 7th grade in this subject and he was able to master the first list right off the bat. I’m going to see if he continues to catch on this quickly to decide if we should bump him up to 8th grade or not.

He has been struggling in Abeka 6th grade Language Arts lately, only because he is in the process of doing a library research report. I don’t blame him; I hated these things too. I do like how they taught him to write out his facts on note cards. It has made the transition to his final outline and now beginning to write the actual report much smoother.


Caleb ended his independent work with reading and penmanship. Nothing too exciting was happening in those areas. Just plugging along 🙂

When Caleb works on his own, I get to sit down with Xander and Wesley. We worked on our calendar, reviewed colors and weekly bible verse. Our science lesson right now is Winter (a post is yet to come on that). We did an art project making snowmen by stamping toilet paper rolls. They got to decorate with pom-poms and googly eyes. I think they went a little crazy because when they were done, the snowmen looked like cheer-leading, million-eyed monsters. Overall, we all had fun with it.

By this point of our day, Wes who was slowly getting his strength back was exhausted. He ended up laying down for a 4 hour nap! That did free up my time to do a bit more focused work with both Xander and Caleb. In our Africa unit study, Caleb is studying deserts and has been working on a desert animal lap-book. I will get a post up once we completely finish the unit. While he was working on that, Xander did his Math U See Primer and Abeka K5 Language Arts lessons. He also practiced some more with buttoning and reviewed his shapes.  He loves being at the table with Caleb because according to him, it makes him feel big. He just loves being ANYWHERE his big brother is.

Overall, it was a good day. Wes got the extra sleep that he needed and thankfully is doing much better now. It was too cold to go outside but that meant Caleb was able to work more on his puppet, Carbor. I’d say he is coming along nicely =)


Happy Learning Everyone!


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