Africa Unit Study

Africa Unit – Biomes

So Caleb what kind of biomes do you think we would find in Africa? A Bi-Who mom?….Yeah we should probably take a step back and first talk about what biomes actually are =) So before moving along with our Africa Unit Study , we spent some time doing a general overiew of biomes.

We started with a great you-tube video.  This video runs 12:54, which is a tad longer than I usually like to do for an introduction but it was worth it. The women speaks slowly and alot of the pictures were breath-taking. She briefly talks about each of the main biomes and gives enough information without getting too wordy. It even kept Xander’s attention.

Before we started in on any reading, I had printed off this page from coloring pages 101. It gave us an excuse to break out the colored pencils and crayons. When finished Caleb had a good visual of the different biomes that are located in Africa.

Environment Coloring Page 10 Coloring Page

We moved onto reading the book, Understanding Biomes by Jeanne Sturm. This book was AWESOME!! The wording was perfect for Caleb and most of the bold vocabulary words (which he likes) were hard enough to challenge him but not over his head either. The pictures are bright and clear.

We ended this short unit with watching the DVD: Habitats and Biomes: Ecosystems of the World. It doesn’t seem to be available through amazon so I can’t provide a link. I was able to check it out from my local library. The DVD is short, around 25 minutes. The video quality was sharp and vivid. They would also put the word of any vocabulary they were talking about on the screen. This made it much easier for Caleb to write it down and still keep up with the video. At the end of the DVD, they offered a review of all the vocabulary . Xander sat with us as we watched it and it kept his attention the entire time.

Below I have a link to the quiz that I typed up for this entire unit:


Caleb still had to write a 3 paragraph essay  of what we learned.  Overall, this was a nice quick intro to biomes. Now moving onto more specific biomes found in Africa, starting with deserts.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Here is an experiment that we didn’t get to from Teach Engineering.  It offers a full lesson on building different biomes using plastic litter bottles and other material you usually have around your house. I forgot to get litter bottles when I did my monthly grocery shopping and didn’t want to make a special trip for them. (I know LAZY!! LOL ) So that’s why we didn’t do it. Anyways, it did look neat, so if you have bottles laying around your house I highly recommend looking into it.

Happy Learning Everyone!



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