Africa Unit Study

Africa Unit Study – Sossuslvei Sand Dunes

The next natural landmark in our Africa Unit Study is the Sossuslvei Sand Dunes. We started with watching a short video (only 3:36 minutes).  It was a simple yet beautiful video of the dunes set to classical music.

Next, we read the book, Sand Dunes by Peggy Park. We had no idea of the number of different shapes of dunes nor how they were formed. This book provides great detail without being to wordy. The pictures were a little old and faded but got the point across. Caleb likes when words are bolded in his books because it helps with his note-taking.

We then did an experiment that I found on Healthy Mama Info.  It is extremely easy to do but messy. You first put flour on a tray, then grab a straw and start blowing.  It was one thing to read about how dunes are formed from a book but this experiment let us see it in action. Be warned: Flour gets EVERYWHERE! HAHA clean-up is all part of the learning process right =)


The next project we did was learning how to paint sand dunes and sea oats with Sterling Edwards. I love to paint but never really have the opportunity to experiment with it. I was more than willing to jump in with Caleb on this one. All we did was watch one of Mr. Edwards you-tube videos.  The video itself runs 9:45, but we paused several times as we followed along. I just love how we both have different interpretations of what we saw and heard. This really was a fun art lesson and I plan on adding more videos like this into our units.


To wrap up the lesson, Caleb was instructed to write a 3 paragraph essay of what he learned. He no longer complains when I give him assignments like this, so I have to say we are winning in that area. =)

Happy Learning Everyone!



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