Average Day

And There Goes Another…

It truly is flu/cold season around here especially in my home.  In the last two months, I had taken Xander into the doctor twice because of double ear infections. Now today it was Wesley’s turn at it. He has had a cold since New Years and is having a hard time shaking it. Last night his runny nose had changed to that wonderful thick green stuff (YUCK!!) I guess my essential oils and home remedies were not cutting it anymore. The little man has a sinus and ear infection. Yes, that means another round of 10 day antibiotics in this house. Ugh…its the third time in a month!! Please pray for Mr. Caleb, he is the only one not hit with anything yet.

Surprisingly, Wesley was in good spirits this morning so we were able to get some school done before taking him to the Dr. Here is what we did:

Caleb is really understanding adding and subtracting mixed numbers in math. We have been able to skip ahead 2 lessons within the last 2 weeks. Today, we used some of our extra time to get a little caught up in Language Arts. He just finished reading the book, Billy Sunday:A Runner for the Lord. It was part of his Abeka 6th grade program. This is the first time that he has had to write a full book report.  In my mind it is taking longer than it should for us to get through this (3 “class” periods to be exact). But I have been biting my tongue and being as encouraging and helpful as possible. =) He was finally able to finish up typing it today and I think he actually did a good job. He went into much more detail with describing the plot then he even did when I was discussing it with him. He said he wanted to spruce it up more. HAHA more power to you buddy!

While Caleb was busy with his book report, I sat down with the little guys. We started with our usual routine: calendar and songs. We are really enjoying our new magnetic calendar by Melissa and Doug. It fits well with our current favorite songs, “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year”. Today, Wesley picked out the face of how he was feeling. He told me that because his nose is icky, he is sad and then showed me a sad face. It looks more of a silly face to me but still ADORABLE 😉

Next, we talked about colors with the help of our FAVORITE color book: Do You Know Colors by Kathrine Howard. We like to go through the pages and try to find who might be wearing that color today. Don’t know why but the boys get a kick out of that every time.

We are moving into a lesson about Living vs. Non-living things. I will make a full post on it once we finish but here is what we did today. We first talked about what you need to have to be alive (eat, drink, breath, and reproduce). Then we read the book, Are You Living? A Song About Living and Non-Living Things (Science Songs). The entire book is read to the song of “Are You Sleeping”. The pictures are large and colorful. Overall, the boys liked it.

After reading our book, I pulled out a few toys of living and non-living items. They took turns separating them into the correct category.


The boys both finished up their day by rotating through two different stations; the cylinder blocks: exercise 4 and practicing with a buckle. Can you tell by Xander’s face that he got it?

We called it a day after lunch so that I could take Wes to the doctor.  I’ve been so inspired by my guys lately and their constant desire to learn. We have been dealing with a lot of illnesses but as you can see from these photos; they are still happy little sponges.

Happy Learning Everyone!


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