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We are back!

Welcome back to the school year! I am not sure about you but a THOROUGHLY enjoyed our 2 week break. We spent time resting, playing, visiting family, and best of all not following any strict schedules. Me, having a type-A personality, am not one to usually enjoy that. But I burnt myself out the last few months, so it was wonderful to recharge the batteries. Not only was the break good for me but the boys as well. Since we have gotten back into our normal school schedule, they have been more attentive and eager in general to start the school day.  So here is what an average day looked  like for us this past week:

Caleb was able to skip over lesson 18 in Math U See Delta because he aced the “pretest”. There technically isn’t any pretests in this program. So what I do is after Caleb watches the DVD he completes worksheet A for that particular lesson. If he is able to work through it at a fast pace and score 100%, we skip over that lesson. I don’t see the need to stay on something that he clearly understands. The Delta level offers systematic reviews anyways so I know that we will be touching on it again at some point. It is always a nice confidence booster for him when this happens.


As Caleb moved on to independent work in English, I sat down with the little guys.

They got this awesome magnetic calendar by Melissa and Doug at Christmas.


I had a laminated paper form that I used before during our calendar time but this is so much cooler (and easier to clean up). Using our new “toy” we sang some songs like “days of the week” and “months of the year”. An added bonus that I like with this calendar, is the Today I’m Feeling section. I’ve never approached feelings with them before. The calendar comes with 4 different faces and Xander picked the extra one today. He wasn’t feeling the best, so that was his sick face one.

We then spent some time finishing up our magnet lesson. You can refer to this post to get the entire run-down of what we did.


Another school toy the boys got from Christmas was this practical dressing puzzle.


We are working first on mastering the button. Wes was preoccupied by the magnets to join us but Xander got SOOOO close to getting it. I am sure with a few more days of practice he will be a pro.


After focusing extremely hard on the button, Xander was done. He spent the rest of the day on the couch. Poor kiddo. Wes on the other hand could not be taken away from the magnet kit. He really loves that thing.

Back to Mr. Caleb… Once he finished English, we moved on to our Africa Unit Study and began talking about the Sossusvlei Sand Dunes.  We read thru a book together which he took notes on. He is constantly improving with his note-taking skills. I am not saying, “Caleb that is important you should write it down ” as much anymore because he is starting to do it on his own.  We also did a quick experiment using flour to create dunes. I’ll go into more detail when I write a post on the entire Sand Dune lesson. It was fun but VERY messy =)

We ended our day with our American History Unit Study. Since we  just finished learning about different explorers, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the oceans (mainly zones and currents).  It’ll help give us a better understanding what the explorers went thru as they crossed the big ole blue. We watched a couple you-tube videos; which is my favorite way to introduce a topic. We also started reading a couple books from the library and studied our globe. Unknown to us it has the ocean currents on it (Caleb loved that discovery).


Besides, Xander getting  sick in the afternoon, we had a pretty good day. I’m looking forward to many more to come.

Happy Learning Everyone!


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