Magnets Lesson

The little men and I have moved on to magnets and oh boy have they been enjoying it! I was recently inspired by Montessori-style teaching a few months back and even though we do not follow it precisely, I enjoy throwing in tidbits when I can. This is what we did:

First, I put different objects (all magnetic) into an ice tray to help introduce the topic. Wesley spent a good 30 minutes on his own taking items in and out of the tray. Then he would test each one with the magnets.


Next, I took those same objects along with several non-magnetic ones and the boys had to separate them into magnetic and non-magnetic piles.

Once the boys mastered that, I had them separate Magnetic and Non-Magnetic 3-part cards which I printed off from Montessori Print Shop . After a few days, both boys where easily able to separate into the correct categories.


Next, I used the boys magnetic Thomas the Trains to help explain polarity. If Thomas connected to another train then it was opposite poles and if Thomas pushed them away; they were like poles.


For Christmas they received a really neat magnet kit.


We spent a good amount of time going through each of the experiments. Now most of it was over both there heads, but they listened intently and were very eager to help out. When we finished, I gave them free time to play with it on there own. Wes spent the rest of the morning with it and has pulled it out every day since.

IMG_7115 IMG_7113


We also used the following books during this lesson:

Magnets: Pulling Together and Pushing Apart by Natalie Rosinky and Sheree Boyd

What Can Magnets Do? by Allan Fowler

What makes a Magnet by Franklyn Branley

The Science of Magnets by Johnathan Bockneck


Overall, Wes was the one to enjoy this lesson the most. I may have a hard time getting his attention onto anything else right now =)

Please refer to this post if you are curious about any other lessons I have done or plan on doing with Xander and Wes.

Happy Learning Everyone!!


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