Discover New Blogs: Liebster Award


I’ve recently been awarded the Liebster Award by Julia Goss over at beyondthebookshomeschool

Thank you so very much Julia for thinking of me!! I get 90% of my ideas and inspirations for my homeschooling from blogs. I love that I have the opportunity to pay it forward and hopefully help offer ideas and inspire others as well.

So here are the rules for the new nominees which I will post at the end.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the Award and have them answer 11 questions.
  6. Let the other bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
  7. Copy the rules into your post.


  1. I HATE flying but would still love to visit Europe someday
  2. Dated my husband on and off for 10 years because I was the one to keep breaking up with him (yes one was through text…ugh )
  3. I have a HUGE fear of elevators
  4. I love to people watch
  5. Small addiction to chocolate ok maybe a big one
  6. I enjoy making lists for everything and anything but rarely make it through a full one
  7. I love WINTER and especially SNOW
  8. I have a dream of purchasing an RV and sightseeing through all 50 states
  9. I am not a fan of swimming
  10. I love to cook and try new recipes
  11. I am extremely close with my mom, sister, mom-in-law, sister-in-law….actually our entire family is really close and we know way to much of what is going on in everyone’s lives. Yes it drives my crazy at times but I won’t change it for anything

The 11 questions I was asked :

  1. Least favorite thing to do with your kids ? Bath time only because by the time it comes around I am already pretty tired. I am NOT a morning person so doing it then is just not an option. We do have fun though when it is a “themed” bath. I just haven’t planned one of those in a few months…oh convicted…I’ve got to get back on that =)
  2. When was the last time you did something for yourself ? I went shopping with just my mom last week. We bought outfits for Christmas and went to a SIT-DOWN restaurant. I haven’t had time with just mom in forever.  
  3. When is the last time you cleaned up the fridge ? A month ago
  4. Burgers or Pizza ? Burgers
  5. Best movie of 2015 ? So Here I Leave You. It is not a “clean” movie but it surprised me the most. I was not excepting to cry as much as I did when I saw it.  Star Wars is WAY up there too =)
  6. What are you most excited about for the new year ? We planned for full weeks off at a time this school year verses a few days here and there. I am excited to just relax more with the kids. (I kinda burned myself out this past year)
  7. Do you make new year resolutions ? Yes 
  8. What was your most favorite moment from 2015 ? Every June we go on a family road trip. This year we stayed semi-close and headed north towards Green Bay, WI. We stopped at an air museum and Caleb actually flew by himself (with the pilot) in a small airplane, we hiked a lot, and found a park that has carnival type rides permanently there and you can ride them for about a quarter each.
  9. What is the perfect time for you to get up in the morning ? I am not a morning person. So if I had just myself to get ready, I would say 9-10 am. But that is just a dream in my world, I aim for around 6-7.
  10. What is your go to dinner, when you are out of fresh ideas ? Tacos
  11. What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids ? Hiking or playing board games


The new nominees are :


The Cottonwood Tree












My 11 questions for you:

  1. Favorite Color?
  2. Favorite Movie?
  3. Person in History you would most like to talk with?
  4. One thing you really want to accomplish next year?
  5. Favorite childhood memory?
  6. Grossest thing you ever ate?
  7. What is one thing you would love to change about your house?
  8. Kids are crazy! What is your go to activity to settle things down?
  9. If you magically get an hour to yourself what is the first thing you would do?
  10. Flip-flops or Heels?
  11. Dog or Cat?

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