Land, Air, Water Lesson

This is the first lesson I did with Xander and Wesley using a Montessori style teaching. I have only recently been introduced to it and still have much to learn. It’s been fun, however, slowly integrating different aspects of it into our homeschool day.

I first introduced this unit by pulling out our regular globe. I never used it with them before so they were pretty excited to be able to touch it and spin it around. We discussed what land, air, and water is and the differences among them.

I then placed 3 small mason jars filled with dirt, water (blue dye was added to give stronger color) and nothing (air) on a tray. Xander and Wes took turns separating objects (trains, cars, airplanes, boats, animals)  into the correct categories. They each took turns which was fun to watch them interact with that.

After separating the objects, I had printed off 3-part cards from Montessori Print Shop. The boys took turns separating them into the correct categories as well.

Next, I printed off a world coloring page and the boys used only blue and green markers to color with. They did an EXCELLENT job with making sure only the land was green and water was blue.

We practiced pouring land (black beans) back and forth from jars.


and opening and closing mason jars to capture our air in =)


We ended the lesson with bead practice using only white, blue, and green beads (well, we started with just those colors but ended up with many, many more 😉 ). Both Xander and Wesley were able to tell me what each of those colors represented and as we beaded we causally “reviewed” everything we had learned in this lesson. The beading was by far there favorite part. Just look at that concentration! Even Caleb brought his schoolwork over so he could join us.

We used the following books this week:

Air Is All Around You by Franklyn M. Branley

Water by  Pierre-Marie Valat

Earth by Christine Taylor Butler


and made sure to sing these songs throughout our day –

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Row, Row Your Boat

Lord’s Army

Happy Learning Everyone!


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