Average Day

Just another typical day

Today was just another normal day for us, well for the most part.

Caleb is currently  on lesson 16 of his Math U See Epsilon Book. The student books offer 6 different practice worksheets for each lesson and normally Caleb is test ready after 3. This lesson, however, he needed a little extra practice. I love that the option of more practice is always there even if we don’t need to use it. He understands the material, its just taking him a bit to work through it all. He is allowed 60 minutes to work on math and I try to get him to finish in that time frame. It’s my  indicator if he is ready to take his test or not. He did make it through today, so we are ready for the test tomorrow =)

In English we use Abeka 6th grade. In spelling earlier this week Caleb got a 100% on his pretest, so we were able to skip this weeks lesson (YEAH!!). He practiced his P’s and F’s in penmanship and took a test in Language Arts, which he got a 72% on. Caleb always freaks out with “tests”. He over thinks and then confuses himself. He knows the material because when we verbally talk about it he is able to answer correctly. Test taking is definitely a skill we are working on. Because of his test though, we didn’t make it to his reading assignment. We will just make that up later this week.

Caleb is working on an essay for his Africa. His assignment is to write an essay on all the topics we covered in the Mt. Kilimanjaro unit. Since there were 6 different topics, I’m expecting 6 different paragraphs. Yes, there was a minor freak-out when I first explained this to him. 😉 I have never asked anything like this of him before so we are taking it slowly. First step is showing him out to outline his essay. Today, he figured out his main idea for each paragraph and wrote down 4 supporting details. Tomorrow we will start actually writing out the paragraphs themselves.


Caleb was able to end his day early because Dad surprised him with a trip to the local indoor rock climbing center.


When Caleb works on his math and part of English, I can focus on the little guys. We started with singing a few songs and read a book about magnets. We then went through our favorite color book and talked about who is wearing what colors today. I don’t know why but they both get a kick out of doing that. =)


We then spent some time talking about the polarity of magnets and I used there Thomas the Trains to help show this.


Besides reviewing his alphabet, Wes was in no mood to sit for anything further. He is only 3 so I’m not pushing him at all. I’ll try again in a few weeks .

Xander on the other hand worked on his Abeka K5 book. We are learning the sounds of I and U and practing how to write his I’s. In Math, he is on lesson 12 of the Primer book of Math U See and was just introduced to adding or “smushing his blocks” as he calls it.

Xander is still getting over a double ear infection. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to bother him much except at night. BUT, that means neither one of us have been getting much sleep the last few days. With Caleb gone with Dad, I gladly laid down for a nap with the little guys. Yeah, I really needed that because now I feel ready to tackle the rest of our day.

Happy Learning Everyone!



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