Christmas In Your Heart

I love everything about this season. From the cold, snowy weather to Black Friday shopping to many family and friend parties and get-together’s. We do a slew of activities with the boys:

  • Cookie decorating at our local hospital
  • Visiting a live nativity scene
  • Our town’s winter parade
  • Decorating our home and Christmas tree
  • Visiting Santa at the mall
  • Making Christmas cookies
  • Santa pancake dinner the night the “Elves” arrive
  • Visiting a local hotel that puts on a HUGE Christmas light display that we can drive through along with their miniature train display

I honestly could keep going with things that we do. As much as I enjoy doing this all with our boys, I was really convicted this year. How many of these items show us why we are celebrating Christmas in the first place? I was recently at an event at my church where the speaker, Margo Fieseler talked about what we would be missing if Jesus never came. If you look back on history and you can see all of the inventions, poems, songs, art work, medicine, ext. that were created or studied to glorify God and Jesus. If He never came that night in Bethlehem, we would not be living how we are today. I envision back to Noah’s time where there was complete evil but no HOPE.

Thankfully, Jesus did come. He became that little baby in the manager. He become the man to take OUR sin and die on the cross. He was that man who ROSE from the dead. He is our Christmas and I feel like I have lost sight of that.

My prayer and hope is you too will remember the WHY we celebrate this precious day. I pray for you to have the hope and love of Jesus in your heart.

I am not going to stop doing extra activities with my kids but I am going to start to bring it back to perspective. I don’t want my boys to have Christmas just around them.  I want to make sure Christmas is in their hearts as well.


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