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Africa Unit Study – Great Victoria Falls

After introducing Africa as a whole to Caleb, we started learning about 3 of the major landmarks. Here is the link if you want the entire outline of our unit study. Our first landmark is the Great Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. This is what we did:

Great Victoria Falls

  • Mark Great Victoria Falls on our map which I printed from Africa map at
  • You-tube Video
  • Apologia Physical Science p 105-113
    • Pg 107 – created a bar graph to show Table 5.1
    • Pg. 108 – redrew the Figure 5.2 to better learn Hydrologic Cycle
    • Used on your own questions for test and also definitions
  • Our Environment p 6-15 (library catalog is currently offline so I’ll have to get authors name later) – These pages helped reinforce the water cycle
  • Paper waterfall – Xander jumped in on this activity and was able to practice his pouring skills. The website also offers a younger version of this activity that uses tissue paper as the water instead of the real thing. We don’t mind messes in this house so we went for it. (and yes there was water spilled)
  • Indoor waterfall – We have done numerous activities with water and oil in the past but the boys still enjoy doing them! We did about 4 or 5 different combinations of this experiment. (Don’t mind the red marks on Wesley’s face. He apparently ran out of room on his paper when drawing, so clearly the next step is to draw on your face) IMG_6461
  • Paragraph – Caleb wrote a full paragraph about what he learned. He talked about the water cycle and what was his….”oh very interesting”….moment.

Overall, we enjoyed learning about Great Victoria Falls. As you can see we didn’t spend to much time on the falls themselves, since we got sidetracked with the water cycle and making our own waterfalls. I have a feeling a lot of “sidetracking” is going to be happening but I am OK with that. =)


Happy Learning Everyone!


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