Average Day

Let’s Try This Homeschooling Thing Again Tomorrow…

It’s been fun to watch the excitement and anticipation of our neighbor children as they are getting ready to start up school again.  To be quite honest, I am excited for them to start too. Don’t get me wrong, we are completely blessed to have several kids in our neighborhood that our boys play with on a regular basis. However, having some of them practically move in with us over the summer (they were here EVERYDAY) I am looking forward to some normalcy.

We do school year round, but cut back considerably on the work load in the summer. Today was our first day back to our full schedule and already it did not go to “plan” LOL.  My plan was to get up early and do my devotional, get some laundry done, make a healthy breakfast and be completely dressed myself before the boys woke up. Well, I absentmindedly set my alarm for 5:30 PM instead of AM, so I never rolled out of bed myself until almost 8. I really do HATE when I get that late of start because it makes the entire day feel rushed and well…off somehow.  Instead of calmly getting everything done before we start school at 9, it was a mad dash…UGH…did I mention I HATE that?

Caleb was not a cheery kiddo this morning and by the time we sat down for school, I knew right away his A game was NOT in the building. Quite honestly, mine wasn’t to be found either. We struggled with each other today. There was way too much bickering, nagging, staring off into space and annoyance on both ends. It was just one of those days you wish you could have avoided. Looking back on it; yes, you could have but chose not too. There was so much wasted time between both of us that we only got through half of our “planned” day. On top of all that, I didn’t even do ANY type of schooling with Xander or Wes. So tonight I am hitting the pause button, resetting myself and making sure I set my alarm for AM. I don’t know about you but in my house if I’m all crazy-nutso-stressed in the morning, so are my kids. Our kiddos look to us and we are there example in everything (good and bad). Today my kids saw my bad. After allot of praying on my part and apologizing to the boys, we are ready to try this homeschooling thing again tomorrow =)

I hope and pray that you all had a much smoother start to either your school year or week better than we did. When things aren’t going smoothly, how do you regroup and get your homeschool back on track?


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