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Welcome Back Monday!!

Not sure how we just made it through this past month but we did. Our normally healthy family was hit with colds, stomach flu, regular flu, ear infections, and bronchitis all in the past month and a half. (that’s why I haven’t been blogging in a while). I am hoping we are now on the up swing. It honestly has been a great learning experience for me. I have always been one to have all things planed out in advance and my daily to-do list readily available. It had to take my entire family being down for the count not just for a few days but for an ENTIRE month to be reminded of what my focus needs to be on. I truly believe God has an amazing sense of humor.

So now that we are all on the mends, we were able to get back to a normal school day today. Let me tell you it felt GREAT!! This is what we were up to…..

Caleb is currently in Math U See Delta for Math. This book focuses mainly on division and to my surprise he has been cruising at a pretty quick pace. Today we talked about how to write the remainders as fractions.


For science, Caleb did a little bird watching in our yard for a while. He is keeping a journal of all the birds we see this year so he likes to spend some time before actually starting his lesson doing this. We than spent time reading together in his textbook. We are really enjoying Apologia Zoology 1. There is a lot of reading involved, so it works out better for us to do that together. After each section he needs to write in his notebook the “big take away”.


In English, we talked more about tall tales. We had read a Paul Bunyan story a month ago, so we reviewed it and talked about things that were exaggerated and larger than life characteristics Paul had. This week Caleb is going to begin writing his own tall tale.

We than moved on to history with reading about Egypt and the Hebrew slaves. Caleb had to do some research on midwives and what there role was back than vs what they do now. He struggled a bit but it was good practice for him overall. He started looking through google and was overwhelmed by all the results. He just wanted it to answer his question directly and not have to look on websites or read articles.  We spent some time talking about how to properly search for things online and what to look for in the articles/websites that come up.

Next up was Art. We are working on the color wheel and how colors are connected. He learned about the artist Ronald Stella and after looking at some of his work (one in particular) Caleb was to draw his own interpretation of it. He told me that he wished we could do art all day instead of everything else. =) Sorry kiddo!


Caleb than ended his school day with reading Dragon Slayers Academy. He just started book 4 and is still loving the series. I can not speak highly enough of these books because Caleb enjoys reading because of them.

Xander and Wes are working on the letter C right now. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, sang a few songs and reviewed colors. Xander practiced writing and his cutting skills. He also had to separate caterpillars into small, medium, and large and we played a number game. Wes spent majority of his time reading and rereading our color book.

DSC05318 DSC05319 DSC05312 DSC05316

As I mentioned before, it felt great to get back into the swing of things. How was your Monday?


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