Average Day

Oh Monday…Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!! I feel like we just had one of these oh wait we did…a week ago! Is it just me or is there anyone else out there that is also in denial that next week is March! I feel like we just had Christmas!! Phew- is all I can say =)  Our Monday started with another change to our original plans. We were hoping to make it back to the zoo but we are experiencing yet ANOTHER Arctic chill. I didn’t think it was wise to be walking around outdoors when it was negative degrees out. So we hunkered down for another regular school day. Here is how things rolled with Caleb:

He was very excited to start math today because he began the next level in Math U See which is Delta. We are moving into division. We had started this curriculum 3 months ago and it has been amazing. He had a light-bulb moment with multiplication shortly after we started and zoomed right along. He had really struggled with division in the past, so I am looking forward to how he does with the Math U See approach.  We had never gotten the DVD for the last level but with going through 2 lessons today, I know it was worth the purchase.


We than moved on to Science. I have to say I have been extremely surprised with how much Caleb has latched on to Apologia Zoology 1. This is the first time using the Apologia series and at first I thought he would hate it because of all the reading that is involved. It goes very in depth with each of the topics and that may be what has caught his attention. Overall though he is really enjoying it.  Personally, for me it is a little more hands on with teacher involvement in regards to helping him read through it. I just needed to move around when we do this subject to make sure I’m not in the middle of something with his brothers (ok realistically only on good days does that work out perfectly)


Next up was English. He is now reading the novel Farmer’s Boy out loud to me and I am hoping this will start to help with his stuttering when he reads. It is quite bad lately and I honestly don’t know much about stuttering, so I’ve got some research lined up for me.

DSC04729After taking a small break, Caleb came back to Art. We started our first lesson in Artistic Pursuits Middle School Book 1. Caleb loves Art!! Everything and anything about it! In this lesson, we started talking about “space” in art and he had to copy a drawing by the artist Govardhan.  He told me that he wanted to keep drawing all day and forget about the rest of school.  Hahaha sorry kiddo but no =)

DSC04731Next up was History. We read about the Ice Age and Dinosaurs. There were a lot of moments that I myself went “Hmmmm interesting”.

We finished up our day with a lot of jumping around in his gym class. I LOVE Fitness Time Family. It has great organized lesson plans that we can do as a whole family. Xander and Wes usually join in on gym time and its just fun playing around all together.

Now Xander and Wes were of course busy little beavers today as well. Wesley actually didn’t want much to do with school time. He played with his sensory bin for maybe 5 minutes but then was off on his own. He had a good sized Thomas the Train track going in the living room so he spent a lot of his time with that today.

DSC04715 DSC04716

Xander is now on the letter U (they go through all the vowels first) in his preschool program.  He worked very hard on his copy work today. This picture just cracked me up =)


He than played a color matching game where he had to find the matching umbrella pieces, match upper and lower case U’s, and dotted around the letter U.  We are also focusing on the bible story where Jesus fed the large crowd with bread and fish. We spent time counting different loaves of  bread and fish using play doh. We also read The Little Red Hen since we are talking about the color red. I had forgotten how much I used to love that book. It’s always fun to revisit things like that with your kids.

DSC04719 DSC04722 DSC04724

I had also seen a really cool art project on Pinterest which made umbrellas. Yeah, ours did not turn out like there’s but we still had fun doing it =)

DSC04717 DSC04721

The day ended with Wes helping me with dusting the house or maybe it was just dusting his brother and Xander spent quite a bit of time in a box 😉  Hope you all had an AMAZING Monday! Off to many more Happy Learning Days!!

DSC04727 DSC04732


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