Boys and Dragons! A Dragon Lapbook!

I guess I can’t be to surprised when Caleb gave me his list of what he wanted to learn about this year and that Dragons made the cut. Ever since he was a little guy, he has always had a fascination with them. Even at 11, that curiosity has not died down. We are currently going through the Knights and Castles lapbook (link to my post) and he keeps asking me if I finished putting together his Dragon one.  Well, now I can say YES, Caleb I did =) This lapbook is most definitely geared toward older kids. I personally am not going to include my 3 and 2 year olds on this because I don’t think they need to hear about fire-breathers, killing of livestock, and the dangerous life of dragon slayers at this point.  Caleb, however, who helped skim through the books already is super excited.  Now we have already talked extensively about myths and legends but if you haven’t I recommend spending some time on that first and than diving into this.

I wrote this specifically with Caleb in mind so if you do use this you will need to make a few changes before giving it to your child. (unless you child is also named Caleb and has younger brothers) =) Even if you can’t use this in it’s entirety, I hope that it can at least help inspire and give some ideas.  Caleb and I have NOT gone through this yet, so I am sure I will be making some changes and updates as we do.

Dragons Lapbook

Books used:

  • Dragon Legends by Matt Doeden
  • Dragon Life by Matt Doeden
  • Dragonolgy Handbook by Ernest Drake
  • 1.2.3 Draw Mythical Creatures by Freddie Levin
  • Mythical Birds and Beasts by Margaret Mayo
  • Sculpting Mythical Creatures by Dinko and Boris Tilov

Side Note: I had found some really cute ideas on pinterest that we may or may not use in addition to this. Here are the links to those ideas:

How to make Fleece – Dino – Hats 

Dragon Cups (I will probably do these for sure just so Xander and Wes can partake in some of the dragon fun)

Make your own Dragon Book.



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