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Do we enjoy reading now?!! Oh BOY!!

Today was one of those days that reinforces why I enjoy homeschooling so much. Caleb was able to scatter a full school day throughout the entire day. We started with grocery shopping in the morning, the afternoon held an epic Nerf gun battle with Xander, and at night all three boys marched around the house with their Nerf guns singing proudly I am in the Lord’s Army.  He did an an hour or so here and there but even with having to finish up around 8 pm t we got it all in. What’s even better is that it never felt like a chore or that we HAD to do it …it just worked. Oh how I LOVE these types of days. So here is a breakdown of what Caleb was up to….

In Math, we are just about to finish up with Math U See Gamma Level. He was practicing 4 digit multiplying today and I have to say he has gotten quite quick with it lately.


In Science, we spent some time reviewing the last 5 pages of Apologia Zoology 1 which Caleb read on his own.  He did AWESOME answering all my questions. He has come so far with his retention and reading skills. As he kept answering the questions correctly, you could literally seem him swell up with pride.  We have had many frustrating days in the past for both us in this area, so he deserves to feel very proud of himself.  We also started his first experiment in this book. We first spent time talking about variables, hypothesis, the importance of good note taking and observation.  Caleb is going to be building two gliders, each with two different wing spans and needs to find out which will fly further. We only started building the guilders and will finish up with that this week.


We have only just begun Mystery of History but Caleb informed me today that this is the best history book ever.  We both like the layout of how things are taught and I enjoy that there are three different levels of activities to choice from after each lesson. Our goal is to eventually just do all of the middle school level ones.  Today he was working on putting together note-cards of the past 3 lessons he has done. It is great practice on taking out key information that is learned in a lesson and than putting it in a few sentence summary.


This is now where Caleb and Xander decided to take a break and set up buildings using Caleb’s contraption pieces all over the living room and than shoot them down with Nerf guns.  They were working so hard together, I just couldn’t break up there “field work” as Caleb keep calling it.  When they finished, we moved on to Art where Caleb is finishing up his painting of Francesco from Cars 2. We just got an Artistic Pursuit Book in the mail a few days ago so when he finishes his painting we can start that. Personally, I am excited to get going on it. Caleb really enjoys art, so it will be great to have a formal lesson to learn from now.


Next, Caleb decided to do his 15 minute reading. He shocked me when the timer went off and he asked if he could just keep reading. He had one more full chapter to go and really wanted to know how it would end.  Well, after I recovered from him even asking such a question, I told him of course keep going. He actually FINISHED the book in another 15 minutes; so that was a total of 30 minutes he sat STILL reading. He was so excited to explain to me how it ended and retell me the “funny” scenes. He even acted out a few parts of what the main character Wiglaf was doing.  This was by far the highlight of my day. Reading has always been a struggle for Caleb from the very beginning. But now look at him!! He even joked with me about starting book 3 right away but he was saved by dinner.

Around 7:30, we had time to get back and finish up with English.  Since Caleb is reading the Farmer’s Boy for his book study section, he asked if he could read out loud to Xander and Wes to help put them fall asleep. Of course it was a brilliant idea.  It also showed me how we have been neglecting him reading out loud lately. His studding was very strong and he would keep stopping in frustration. We talked about it when he finished and he told me that he can hear that words don’t come out as clear as what he hears in his mind. He agreed that going forward we will still do his Dragon Slayer’s Academy as silent reading but whatever book we are on in English will be read out loud. This is for the best because the reading level of the books in English is higher than Dragon Slayers Academy. It will let us stop and go over unknown words together immediately. I just loved how he felt his own struggle and it was HIM that came up with the plan to help improve it.  As you can see this was a GREAT reading day for Caleb.

Xander and Wesley both have had colds for over a week now. They spent allot of time playing with Thomas the Train together. They were good as long as they are on opposite sides of the tracks, because once either one of them crossed oh did the sparks fly.  They both were easily irritated by the other today and there were SEVERAL time-outs for both for hitting and throwing toys at each other.  Yes, we are working on new approaches for venting frustration for both and of course SHARING =)

DSC04495 DSC04492

When Wes went up for a nap, Xander sat down for his school time. With being out of town several days last week, we are still on the letter O, squares and the number 4.  He is still doing good on reviewing the letters we have done so far and has now added correctly saying red when going over colors. In his workbox today he had to put magnets in certain circles, copy work, lace an octopus, had counting practice, and “dotting” the letter O. He LOVES pushing down hard on the blotter for this one because the ink squirts out and he thinks that is hilarious.  We ended our little session with painting his hand and making a handprint. We than added feathers and some googly eyes to make it an owl. (I could add googly eyes to everything! They are just so much fun)  By this point Wes, who had been crying instead of sleeping, joined us for the hand painting part and magnet fun.

DSC04500 DSC04502 DSC04503 DSC04504 DSC04506 DSC04508 DSC04507

So that was our Monday in a nut shell and as you can see we had a lot of great Happy Learning Memories today!! Off to have even more tomorrow! =)


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