Average Day

Just Another Homeschooling Day

I try to plan and organize each day but with three crazy boys it hardly ever goes the way I worked out. Everyday is so different from the rest and I think that is one of the highlights of homeschooling. (you never know what you are going to get day in and day out) Today was no exception with it’s craziness. We started in our usual fashion saying the pledge of allegiance and prayer but this morning the boys decided to hold hands during it.  10408015_10153028151615330_8754578359576769507_n

Caleb began his morning with Math U See , which he is now on multiplying with double digits. He is actually really understanding it this time around. He had a lightbulb moment several months back and it has been AWESOME to see him catch on to math quickly now and getting it.  In English, we had started using Learning Language Arts through Literature Orange book but after a few weeks it was clear that Caleb can be bumped up a grade level to purple.  This is the first time using this curriculum and it has been a perfect fit for him so far.  It will be interesting to see if anything changes with it as we advance him forward and the material starts getting a little harder. Caleb’s still reading through the Dragon Slayer’s Academy Books. We are on book 2, Revenge of the Dragon Lady, and he is actually enjoying his 15 minutes of reading. This is a FIRST for us and a very welcomed experience.  Lately, Caleb’s science lesson has been a little stressful on both of us.  I had written a physics curriculum which I posted on here but it is just not working with Caleb. He isn’t remembering things and is struggling with the concepts overall.  We also have a kit that we have been using to do experiments with and majority of the time they don’t work out the way that they should.  A friend of mine has used Apologia Young Explorers Series for years and just raves about it.  We decided to give it a try. The book should be coming in a week or so and we are starting with Zoology 1. Caleb just needs something more now than what I can write for him (sniff, sniff) I knew the day would come but it is so bittersweet to see your little guys growing up. Caleb has ended his day with social studies (which I am also looking at changing) but as of right now he is working on Vikings.

IMG_3741 10563000_10153028415130330_177899808850036277_n

He has been enjoying what we have planned but he is starting to need something with more meatiness.  I’ve heard good things about Mystery of History so we are also going to try that out as well.  It is a little frustrating to not have all the “correct” curriculum at the moment but I am looking at this as a good thing. It means Caleb is growing and learning and boy has he advanced from when we first started this journey where he was barely reading two sentences.

Xander and Wesley also had a very productive day.  Besides playing extensively with cars, monster trucks, and building a Thomas the Train track the size of our living room, we managed to have a little “school” time.  Xander is still working through his preschool program and is currently on the letter I. We have been writing, cutting, pasting and coloring like crazy. Lots of Ice cream cones and Iguanas lately =)

IMG_3746 IMG_3740

Before bathtime, we also did a little messy art…PAINTING.  Wesley was not in the mood at all this time so he mainly just sat in his seat while Xander finished his painting.

DSC04231 DSC04229 DSC04230

We ended the evening watching a cartoon of The Boxcar Children on Netflix. It was Caleb’s choice since that was the book he just finished in English. It was actually pretty close to the book and decently made. We all enjoyed it.  Phew, after days like this I can see why I am pretty tired at the end of the day.  I would not CHANGE a  moment of it though.


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