Race Car Lapbook for 6th Grade


I truly hope everyone had a blessed Christmas this year and was able to celebrate with all of your loved ones.  I am so fortunate to have large families on both mine and my husband’s sides that we get to see this time of year. So we celebrated Christmas 6 different times!! It is crazy and hectic and yes exhausting, but I would not change it for anything =) Now, I had hoped to have finished all of Caleb’s lapbooks for next year well before Christmas but you know …. life happened. Thankfully, I was able to got some down time this evening and finished up the one for Race Cars and would like to share that with you.

As with all my lapbooks and curriculum that I share, I am writing them for my son in mind.  I pray that this can assist you in some form or another. I was able to find all the books and DVD’s at my local library so hopefully you can do the same.

I Want to Be a Race Car Driver by Kaite Franks

Stock car Racing by Tracy Mauren

Race Car Book by Bobby Mercer

Race cars by Sean McCollum

Classic Stock Car Racing. 1, Stock Cars Grow Up:1959-1962 (DVD)

ESPN Ultimate NASCAR Vol.2, The Dirt, the Cars, speed and danger (DVD)


Here is the file for the actually lapbook:





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