Knights and Castles Lapbook for Middle Schoolers

One of the topics that Caleb wants to learn more about this year is Knights and Castles.  He really enjoys lapbooks so of course I just had to make one. (I kind of enjoy doing it) hahaha ….. ok I REALLY enjoy doing it.  All the books that we are going to read are found at our library.  The word document that I created is specifically for Caleb and has the instructions that he needs to create his lapbook. If you do print it off to use, I won’t give it directly to your child.  They may get a little confused when it tells them to read a certain book to their little brothers, especially if they don’t have any =) Now we have not gone through this lapbook yet so I may need to make changes and will update as needed. Here is a list of all the books and movies that we have lined up.

Knights and Castles 50 hands-on activities to experience the middle ages by Avery Hart and Paul Mantell

Knights by Usborne Discovery

Castle by Mark Bergin

The Inside Story Castle by Dana Meachen Rau

The Medieval Knights by Louise Park and Timothy Love

Knights and Castles by Will and Mary Pope Osborne (I had found mini-books for each chapter on

Crossword puzzle and Magic Tree House Lapbook

Castles by The History Channel (DVD)

Europe in the Middle Ages: A Way Out of Darkness – Knights and Nobles (DVD)

As with any of my lapbooks or curriculums, I write them with my children specifically in mind. Some of the topics are repeated twice or even three times.  Caleb learns best when he is presented a topic in several different formats and from various view points.  Please use what you can for your own kiddos.  I pray that you will find this helpful in your homeschooling journey.  HAPPY LEARNING!! =)



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