Middle School Physics Curriculum

I have finished the Physics Curriculum that I am going to be using with Caleb this upcoming year (2015).  Since I have not used it with him yet, I will most likely be making changes as we go through it. I do have a few Science Wiz Kits on hand already but haven’t decided if I am actually going to use them or not. I just wanted to share what I had so far.  Please keep in mind that this curriculum was written with MY SON’s learning abilities in mind.  So the choices I have made are for him. Whether you can use all of it or some of it, I pray that it will be beneficial in one form or another. As always do not hesitant to ask if you should have any questions or concerns.

This link below will provide a spreadsheet of the schedule we will be following.  All books except for our Physics 250+ Experiments Kit were found at our local library.  Physics Matters! is the series I have decided to read through with him. There are 10 books (I believe) in this series but I have only included 5 of them.  I also added additional readers such as Science School, videos/DVD’s and art/craft projects since those are the avenues that Caleb learns best in.  All that information is listed in the spreadsheet.  As of right now this is a 14 week course but that will most likely be adjusted.  Hope you enjoy it and HAPPY LEARNING!! =)



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