Gearing up for the new 2015 school year!

Did you read that right? New school year? Yes you did!! I prefer to schedule my school year from January to January vs the “traditional” school schedule.  This past month has been busy with researching, finalizing curriculums and writing a few myself along with a couple lapbooks (which I will post once I OFFICIALLY finish them).  I personally LOVE this part of homeschooling. I have such a type A personality, that when given the opportunity to write new programs and/or lists… well lets just say I am passionate about it.  😉  I would love to share what we have scheduled so far.


MathMath-U-See Gamma (finish) Delta and possibly start Epsilon

We just started using this in November because Caleb was struggling with the last curriculum that we had.  He absolutely LOVES this program.  He had a light-bulb moment a few weeks into using it and has been cruising at a pretty fast steady pace ever since.  I would love to get him caught up to the level where he should be at this year but we shall see.  One thing is for sure I will not be pushing him.

Foreign Language Easy Peasy Spanish Grade 6 (finish) and begin 7th grade level.

This website is mind-blowing with the work that went into setting it up.  It offers a full curriculum of EVERYTHING from preschool through 8th grade and recently set up a sister site for high school.  We had tried using 5th grade curriculum for Caleb last year but it wasn’t conducive to his personal learning style. If you have a student, however, who is good at working independently and enjoys online learning you should really look into this site.  Ok…back to her Spanish program.  Caleb had started the Spanish program around Septemberish last year and has been enjoying it. There is ALOT of videos and he seems to be catching on.

FUN ReadingDragon Slayers Academy Series

Caleb does not usually enjoy reading and it is one of his weakest areas. We recently found this series and he actually likes them. I have him read for 15 minutes a day and then he has to tell me what he read. At this point, I am not asking him to do anything else with it. We are just trying to open him up to the concept of reading for fun and YES that it can be fun.  He doesn’t fight me anymore or make faces so I would have to say that is progress.

Language Arts/WritingLearning Language Arts through Literature Orange Book

This is going to be a new one for us. Caleb has always struggled in language arts and we have been having difficulties finding a program that he is grasping on to. I have heard great things about this program and it seems a lot more hands-on, which is something Caleb needs.  I will keep you posted on what I think about it as we progress further through.

Science – Physics (Physics2)

This is a curriculum that I wrote. Please see my post for more information. We are in the process of going through it now, so I will provide additional updates to it as needed.

Social Studies – American History 1

This curriculum is very literature based and has a lot of hands on activities.  We started it last year and Caleb has learned so much but better yet he REMEMBERS it =)

Caleb’s Choice Rollercoasters, Knights and Castles, Movie Making, Racecars, and Geology

Caleb got to choose 5 things he would like to learn about this year and that is what he picked.  I’m almost done putting together lapbooks for each of them and will post when finished.  As you can see this kiddo is all over the board with what he wants to learn about (LOVE IT!!)

KnightsandCastles – Here is my post regarding this topic

RaceCars – Here is my post about this

PE – Familytimefitness

This is such a fun program.  We do this 3x a week first thing in the morning.  The lessons are easily laid out and everyone gets involved even Xander and Wesley.

Art – Misc. lapbook activities

I don’t follow anything in particular for Art.  I usually throw lessons in when we do lapbooks or whenever we have extra time.  Artsonia is a great site that gives you lesson plans based on topics that you may be doing. You can also search by grade or media type.

Bible – Truth Trackers

Caleb is part of the Truth Trackers program at our church.  He has to memorize bible verses and work in a devotional weekly. It also does an extraordinary job having him dive into the bible and really learn about what those verses he is memorizing means and how apply it to his everyday life.


We are just following the curriculum Letter of the week. I love it and so does Xander.  There is a lot of prep work to get it started but once that is out-of-the-way it is a breeze to use.  Some of Xander’s favorite activities are magnet letters, do-a-dots, and letter lacing.  I also read a bible story daily that corresponds with the letter we are learning for that week.  Monthly, I have different sensory bins and themed baths for the boys to play with. I’ll give you updates on those as we do them.


Wes will partakes in whatever Xander is working on but some of it is over his head.  I’ll just let him do what he can but not worry if he is catching on completely or not. I mean he is only 2 =)

I would love to hear how you set up your school year and what types of curriculum you use as well.


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