Elves on the Shelf have arrived with a Santa Pancake Breakfast Dinner!!

One of the many reasons why I LOVE this time of year is because we have several traditions that we have started in our family. One of the them is a Santa pancake breakfast for dinner to welcome the Elves on the Shelf.  I mean who doesn’t just ADORE having breakfast for dinner!! I had found this amazing pancake recipe on http://www.mmgood.com/light-and-fluffy-homemade-pancakes-best-recipe-ever/ last year and its the only type of pancakes I make now. I just add a little cool whip, chocolate morsels, and sprinkles and BOOM you’ve got yourself a Santa Pancake.


I typed up the letter to the kiddos from the elves several years ago and just keep it saved on my computer. (why rewrite the same letter every year right?!) Here’s what I say but please feel free to get creative:

Hi Caleb, Xander, and Wesley,

We are elves straight from the North Pole with a SPECIAL and SUPER important assignment from Santa Clause himself!! We are going to be watching over you three for the next month to see how you are behaving.  Every night, we fly back to the Big Man in Red and give him a report.  So you need to stay on your BEST behavior.  It should be easy for us because we hear you three are the best kids in town.  We shall see!!

We like to play games while we are here so make sure to look for us EVERY morning. You never know where we might end up.  Just one rule: only your Mom and Dad can touch us because we are fragile and do not want to lose our magic. If we break, we can’t fly back to tell Santa how you guys are behaving. He would get very worried.

Oh, we almost forgot! You have to give us names. We have elf names back home but you won’t be able to say them because it is in elf language. Only Santa, Mrs. Clause and we can speak it.  So have fun and name us something GREAT!!

Looking forward to getting to know you three over the next month so….

Caleb…….Xander……Wesley……     Lets start having some FUN!!!


The Elves and the letter “magically” appear and make a nice centerpiece for our table. Caleb is the only one who can read at this point, so he has the honor of reading the letter to his brothers.  Even though he is 11 he still enjoys playing along with it all, which I love.  DSC03674



In years past, I would just put the elves in different places throughout the house. But I have seen so many creative ideas on pinterest that I’m going to be testing out this year.  A few cute ones that we have done so far is using kleenex to cover the elves and make it seem like they are sleeping, having them read books, and my favorite so far has been them “teaching” each other by writing on our dry erase board we have in the dining room.  If you do Elf on the Shelf, what are some of your favorite positions to put them in the morning?  I would also love to hear about some traditions your family does.


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